Stand Up Tanning

Stand up Sun Capsule booth with a maximum session of 12 minutes. Variety of Tanning Lotions, Enhancers and After Care available to customize your experience.

Unlimited Monthly $39*
100 Minutes $49
200 Minutes $69
300 Minutes $89
400 Minutes $109
500 Minutes $129
Dropin $10

Enjoy 10% off of your tanning lotion when you are purchasing a package.
* 1 Year contract required for unlimited monthly package.

Mystic Tan

A private, self-contained system that employs a patented revolutionary spray-on process that uses sweeping side to side airbrush motion to apply uniform amounts of Mystic Tan Tanning Myst to the entire body in just seconds

Go 1-5 shades darker than your natural skin tone in a 3 minute session. Takes 24 hours to see the full colour. Lasts for 10-12 days.

5 Sessions $99
3 Sessions $75
Per Session $30
Double Dip (Stand up tan followed by a Mystic Spray Tan) $60
Accelorator (see results faster) $5
Bronzer (go 1x or 3x for instant results) $5
Scent (treat yourself to something yummy and smell fantastic) $2

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